Electrical Mains upgrade – Emergency Electrician Brunswick

Electrical Mains upgrade

Electrical Consumer mains are an important part of your property’s electrical system. The following images have been taken on a recent electrical mains upgrade. An emergency service call in Brunswick on Saturday the 02/03/13 in relation to mains upgrade installation

Here you can see the electrical mains and black VIR insulation outer sheathing with the inner core single insulation crumbling, making this a very serious issue.

Electrical mains cable upgrade - installation
Electrical mains cable upgrade – installation

Another image show the existing switchboard and the cotton power and lighting cables along with consumer mains . There had been a defect notice given to the customer after the electricity company found burnt marks on the electrical meter and for safety reasons power had been disconnected.

Our emergency electrician in Brunswick attended the house and immediately organized on mains upgrade and switchboard upgrade to allow for new mains size. The rest of the electrical rewiring will take place during the week in normal hours.

After a couple a house we organized a truck appointment to reinstate power for the customer at the Brunswick property. In the background you will see new SDI mains passing through to a new position, the reason is to comply with a switchboard height rule. More information can be found here about switchboard heights.