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Questions & Answers

Questions on electrical installation – and the answers

Q – Do electricians need to issue a Certificate of Electrical Safety for minor repair work such as the replacement of a socket outlet or an architrave switch?

A – Yes, doing minor repairs is electrical installation work, and the person who is responsible for the carrying out of electrical installation work must ensure that a Certificate of Electrical Safety is completed in the required timeframe in respect of that work and give the completed copy to the person for whom the work was done and provide a copy

to Energy Safe Victoria. Electricity Safety Act 1998 Section 45A (1)
Q – Do certificates have to be issued even if the customer doesn’t want one?
A –  Yes, RECs and responsible persons are required by law to issue certificates for prescribed and non-prescribed electrical installation work to help ensure the safety of the public and workers. The certificate also indicates to the customer that the work has been carried out by a registered electrical contractor or a licensed person rather than an unlicensed person. Electrical installation work is “installation, repair,
alteration and maintenance”
Q – Who can complete and sign an electrical certificate
A –
Apprentice No**
E – Electrician (A Class)
Yes – for his/her own work and that of the person they are supervising
ES – Electrician (supervised) No** – except for disconnect/reconnect for primary task
L – Supervised worker
No** – except for disconnect/reconnect for primary task
D – Disconnect/re-connect Yes – related to the primary task
I – Inspectors
No – except for the certificate of inspection on the prescribed certificate
Q – What is the minimum height above the floor that I can install a batten holder?
A – Not less than 1.8m above the ground, floor or platform unless the batten holder and lamp are provided with a suitable guard or is incorporated within a luminaire.
Section 4
Q – If an electrician installs a socket-outlet to an existing circuit in a commercial premises not protected by an RCD (safety switch) , do they require to install an RCD?
A – Yes, socket-outlets that are added to an existing circuit shall be protected by an RCD.
Section 2

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