Oven Installation Costs – Four oven installation tips to keep your cost down

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Oven Installation Costs

There are a couple of things you need to think about before you buy your oven. These oven installation tips will bring into perspective the unexpected costs you will come across when installing an oven in the same location.

Oven Installation Costs In Melbourne Tips
Oven Installation Costs In Melbourne Tips

The same location installation meaning you already have an oven connected and you want your electrician to disconnect the old oven and install the new oven in the same position. So what installation tips can keep the cost down when you upgrade your oven.

Oven installation tips to help save you time and costs.
Oven installation tips to help save you time and costs.

The First tip would be to take a measurement of your existing oven’s housing, the reason for this would be to find the another unit of the same size. If you can find a new oven the same size as your exiting oven you will then save on cabinet costs. With this sort of saving it would be worth doing your home work to find and even compromise on an oven model to suit your installation needs.

The Second tip is to understand the electrical capability’s of your electrical supply to the existing electrical oven. Different ovens have different power supply’s, if you choose to buy an oven with a greater power supply than you will be also paying costs to increase  power supply to your new oven. Its not good enough and illegal to use a smaller cable as this will cause electrical fires and burn out your kitchen.

Oven installation service save you time and costs.
Oven installation service save you time and costs. We provide a full installation service

A new electrical circuit will need to be installed from your main switchboard to where your oven location is. Having an electrician to inspect your installation before you buy your new oven will save on unexpected costs for circuit upgrades and help make a better buying decision.

The Third tip to saving on installation costs when upgrading your oven is to consider the brand you are buying.  Buying European ovens can be expensive to maintain in the long term. After sales parts can be difficult to obtain and costly to install. Buying an oven brand that is specific to the Australian market has it’s advantages with cost affective local available parts and warranties that are much easier to honer.

The Fourth tip probably the most important be sure to have an on site inspection with the chosen oven installation service, if you are not to sure of the depth with the new oven. Check the depth and any obstetrical like power points for the gas cooker ignition or gas lines that may be in the way and take up too much room behind the oven.

If your after a Full installation service …..You can contact United Electrical Services for more information on installation costs and electrical inspections to help you make the right choice when installing your oven.