House Rewiring Cost – Why Your Quotes Are Different

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The cost of rewiring a house

If you have done your research then you will have found many articles about house rewiring prices. The prices quoted range from three thousand five hundred dollars ($5500.00) to eight thousand dollars ($9000.00). These prices are only used as a guide and you really need to be careful when you budget on these estimates if you are to take them seriously. My advice is to contact three electrical contractors to provide you with a quote. Simple yes, well not always.
Cost Of Rewiring A House

1960s house Victorian Bungalow
1960s house Victorian Bungalow

Cost Of Rewiring A House – Plan Your Budget

I recently had a call to quote a house rewire for a lovely family and I can tell you that they were very confused with the quote’s they received. I will use the name Emma for this post, Emma did the right procedure and contacted three electrical contractors to price her electrical rewiring and was amazed at the difference in price. Prices started at two thousand dollars ($2000.00) including GST and up to twelve thousand dollars $12000.00 including GST.

This was an amazing evaluation and I thanked Emma for sharing this with me. So to make this clear there had been three electrical contractors to quote a single story three bedroom house. The house is brick veneer with internal plaster walls there was no garage and the property also had a pergola out the back with two lights and one external power point. Inside the house I counted up to 12 power points and 9 light point with one electrical switchboard. Access to the house under the floor and in the roof space was quite acceptable.

So Why A Difference In The Cost Of Rewiring This House

There are many reasons house rewiring prices differ from one to the other. If all three electricians priced the same amount of points on the same house then the first thing that comes to mind is the quality of material being used. All electrical contractors have the opportunity to source materials of different quality. Whether electrical power points and switches are of a well known brand or generic brands there are a real variety of competitors and price’s that will very dramatically. All electrical switch gear needs to pass an Australian Standard before they can be introduced to Australia and most electricians are aware of this.

Unless you have been specific with a brand you know, then the chances are this may reflect some of a price differences. Other cost examples include

Small electrical switchboards with no room for expansion for the future will also effect costs.
Electrical consumer mains installed are only a minimum requirement and again not allowing for expansion.
Quality of service, this would have to be one of the most important, are ground sheets used do the electricians clean up after themselves.
If upgrading you consumer mains a truck appointment needs to be booked is this inclusive of your electrical quote or an additional charge.
If upgrading you consumer mains then different suburbs are charged by the supply authority for your truck appointment.
Is you electrical house rewire a fixed price, some electricians will quote a low cost standard price and if complications occur then charge an additional price to cover costs. All pricing techniques should be upfront and transparent.
How may electrical power circuits and light circuit are spit up in your home
Will the price of your rewire include an electrical inspection or is this an additional cost.
What guarantees does the electrical contractor offer

Is the electrical contractor using license electrical workers or using a DIY laborer to cut rewiring costs. This will be one of the biggest price influences with rewiring prices. If your electrical contractor is saving on illegal labor hire and the other contractor paying recommend wages to a licensed electrical worker then there will be a huge price difference. The electrical act states:
Electricity Safety Act 1998 – Legislation
Victoria. Electrical Safety Act 1998 , Section 30; Electrical Licence

A registered electrical contractor must not employ
a person in the carrying out of any electrical
installation work unless the person is—
(a) a licensed electrical installation worker of a
particular class related to the contractor’s
business; or
(b) an apprentice within the meaning of the
Vocational Education and Training Act
1990 in a trade that involves carrying out
electrical installation work of a class related
to the contractor’s business.

To save on costs another misconception with home owners has been whether to install electrical cables themselves and ask the electrician to fit-off afterwords to save on the cost of electrical rewiring . The answer to this is no, you cannot install the wiring and get an electrician to power up when you completed your project. Energy Safe Victoria clearly state that it is illegal to install electrical cables unless you are a licensed electrical worker.
Rewiring House Lighting Cable

VIR black plastic electrical cable
VIR black plastic electrical cable

Always have you electrical quote in writing and the more detail on your quote the better you will understand what you get when rewiring your house. Understanding what materials will be supplied with you price is also important the cost of materials will vary from $1000.00 to $ 5000.00 dollars for rewiring depending on the size of your home.

When your ready to rewire your house make a list of questions to ask your electrical contractor so that you can make the right choice with your budget.