clipsal lifesaver smoke alarm battery replacement

Clipsal lifesaver smoke alarm battery replacement

If your Clipsal lifesaver smoke alarm is beeping then getting to know how to replace your clipsal lifesaver smoke alarm battery can get tricky. Firstly you will need to separate the smoke alarm from its base on the ceiling with a twist then pull gently down [green dots indicate mec] . You will then notice the mains cable still attached to the smoke alarm. Please view the image below showing how to remove the electrical plug.

 Clipsal lifesaver smoke alarm
Clipsal lifesaver smoke alarm


You can see on the left and right mounting slots that hold the unit to the base [green dots indicate mec]. The blue dot indicates the small plug to be removed which will then expose the Phillips screw that will need to be removed.

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Once the screw is removed you will be able to unplug the smoke alarm from its mains cable and this will allow you to have access to the battery.

9 volt-battery


There is no immediate electrical danger when removing the plug, but i do suggest switching off all the power at the main switchboard.

If you have a Clipsal life saver smoke alarm and due to its awkward maintenance for the home owner, I would suggest to upgrade to a newer model. The chances are if it has a yellow sticker with the radioactive logo its a ionization unit and replacing the smoke alarm with a photoelectric would be more beneficial, you will be able to see the year of manufacturing and if it over 6 years replace it anyway.

Looking at our image you can see a stamp with 2007…..

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Clipsal lifesaver smoke alarm battery replacement
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8 thoughts on “clipsal lifesaver smoke alarm battery replacement”

  1. Do I need an electrician to replace it with a new model? Will the plug be compatible or will an electrician need to cut it and attach the wires directly to a new alarm? I have a 2 storey house, so rewiring the alarm on the ground floor is not practical.

  2. I have the smoke alarm that is in the picture above. It is hardwired into the power but has no battery and has now began to beep. do I need to put a battery in it or replace it.

  3. Thanks Stephen for posting this. I have unscrewed the blue dot following your instruction but couldn’t fully lift up the battery door. May I ask if you could shed some lights please? Many thanks

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