Bathroom Exhaust Fan Maintenance

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Maintenance

Winter is well and with us so we are relying on our bathroom fans to work effectively, some of these tips may help if you bathroom fan need some attention.

The life span of an average bathroom fan is expected to be around 5 years if well maintained. The simple things one can do is to remove your fan cover and rinse it under hot water this should remove all the lint build-up around your fan fascia.There should be no need to use any detergents or cleaners as this may damage the plastic coating of the fascia.

200mm Bathroom exhaust fan
200mm Bathroom exhaust fan

While your cover is drying have a look at your fan without the fascia on and what you are looking for are any objects that may obstruct the fan blades. Common causes of fan noise is the electrical flex cord that is attached to the fan that has moved over time and slightly touching you fan blade, it would sound like a tapping noise. With the fan switch in the off position you can use a broom to gently push the electrical cord to one side.

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During the warmer months electrical cords in your roof space tend to move because of increased temperatures, the cord itself sags after being so rigid in the cooler months and move commonly on to the fan blade. Anther obstruction that can cause fan blade nose are cardboard barriers, cardboard barriers are used to stop insulation entering the exhaust fan space and once again with you fan switch in the off position you can re-adjust this quite easily.

Important tips to remember

When you remove your fan cover, wash in soapy worm water then rinse
Cloudy ammonia is recommended with a bottle brush for stubborn grease
Wipe fan blade with a rag moistened with the above solution
I f you are handy and decide to pull the complete fan unit out never immerse the motor in cleaning solution or with any other liquid

Cleaning the cover /fascia of a bathroom exhaust fan
Cleaning the cover /fascia of a bathroom exhaust fan

Lastly if you exhaust fan blades are clear of abstraction and you hear a humming noise and your exhaust fan blades are not moving then it is clear the your exhaust fan motor has probably cased. If you haven’t introduced a balanced air flow when using you fan than this will be a common and recurring problem. For more information about balanced air flow visit our bathroom exhaust fan tips.

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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Maintenance
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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Maintenance
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The life span of an average bathroom fan is expected to be around 5 years ......

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