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Lighting – Chandelier installation

Chandeliers offer an elegant feel to many rooms in a home, this Chandelier has been installed in a stair well.

Chandelier Installation
Chandelier Installation

Chandeliers come in many sizes and shapes and with a variety of class and crystal designs .

Chandelier with out light
Chandelier with out light




One of the biggest decisions that will need to be made when installing a chandelier is the height your chandelier hangs. It is possible to get is wrong, having your chandelier installed to high will loose its elegance effect in a room.

Chandelier Installation Stairwell
Chandelier Installation Stairwell

Having your Chandelier Installed to low can also provide a feeling of unwonted dominance in a room. This stairwell Chandelier Installation works well in all angles and can be appreciated at all times of the day or night.

For your Chandelier Installation contact United Electrical Services servicing Melbourne surrounding suburbs ans speak to our friendly staff about costs and price installation.

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Chandelier installation - Yarraville
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Chandelier installation - Yarraville
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Chandeliers offer an elegant feel to many rooms in a home

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