2017 average price to rewire a house?

Cost of Rewiring a House

Well it’s 2017

a start to another year and how will the effects of our economy influence the prices of our service and construction industry and more importantly the domestic market. We have conducted and completed two house rewire this year already and it’s been a real challenge in the January heat.

Coming into February with our third rewiring project we were asked about the average price of house rewiring and has it changed from last year in 2016. Regardless of the saying “if trades are in demand” principle in relation the electrical contractors, house rewiring will always be a high skilled and demanding project no matter what the weather is.

Old Electrical Metal Conduit
Old Electrical Metal Conduit

I respect any Electrical Contractor taking on this type of work because of the above mentioned if done in a professional manner. So you will always expect to pay in the thousands for the right certified job and you can read more here about pricing differences between contractors.

Well to compare this year in 2017 I would have to say an additional 10% has been added to the house rewire prices in Melbourne. This is…… I believe not labor driven but a materials cost increase. I have noticed first hand that materials have risen without warning. And sure enough they are the items used the most, power points, switch, switchboards and junction boxes.

Below Victorian Bungolow

Electrical house rewire
Electrical house rewire

This will also effect costs to switchboard upgrades in Melbourne as circuit breakers and switchboards have increased. This also attracts electrical inspection fees which have increased, independent inspectors are covering their costs also.

I would have to say electrical cabling has been steady, for how long your guess is as good as mine. Looking at petrol prices no matter how local you are this will bring running an electrical contractors business expense to increases.

So the take home for today is if you are looking at upgrading your house wiring or electrical switchboard and want to avoid the rise in cost of rewiring an old house in Melbourne then getting a couple of quotes early this year and planning works for March may save you cost’s of rewiring a house in 2017.

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Author: Stephen Skec

Licensed Electrician in Melbourne, Registered Electrical Contractor. Currently servicing Melbourne and surrounding suburbs I've been working actively in the electrical industry for 30 years and registered with Energy Safe Victoria.

5 thoughts on “2017 average price to rewire a house?”

  1. We are after a quote to rewire our home.. the one question i have is how difficult is it with a house that has solid brick internal walls ?

    1. Hi James

      we can defiantly organise rewiring on double brick wall.. there are a number of ways to deal with this. I will forward a couple days we are fee ti inspect.

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