Power Company Electrical Defect Notification

Power Company Electrical Defect Notification
What does an Installation Defect notice mean?

In the interest of public safety, all connections to power company networks must comply with all relevant safety standards. This includes the Electricity Safety Act 1998.

Power company officers inspect new and existing connections and issue Defect Notifications to customers and/or electrical contractors detailing faults on a customer’s connection.
Why have I been given a notice?

The electrical installation does not comply alongside the safety requirements. This might be as a result of incorrect or defective wiring, recent alterations or additions to the connection, or trees. Other faults may have occurred during severe storms that you may not have been aware of. Large or small branches growing too close to electrical wires on the property can be issued a defect notice.
Why was my home inspected?

Energy business authorities maintain regular inspections across Victorian electricity networks to ensure the safety of customer’s, the community and our own staff.

Electrical consumer mains box and fascia
Electrical consumer mains box and fascia

You can see with the images a fascia coming away from the house. A truck appointment will need to be organized allowing the disconnection of the main supply, and point of attachment . Since the timber is badly weather worn this will need to be replace on the day by a carpenter. One installed the point of attachment can be re installed along with the consumer mains box. An electrical job like this can take a couple of hours to complete because of the complexities of replacing a fascia board

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