kitchen lighting installation tips

kitchen lighting installation tips

It can be frustrating if your lighting system in the kitchen doesn’t function properly. There are many ways to overcome poor lighting in your kitchen, so lets have a look at a couple of tips. Not all tips will solve all kitchen layouts so you will need an open mind as to whether these tips will help you decide whats right for you.

Down-lights in your kitchen

When natural sunshine is not available to you through your kitchen windows or patio doors, you will be forced in the dimmer winter months to switch your kitchen lights on during the day. Selecting suitable lighting fixtures for the every day kitchen tasks and considering what options are available to fulfill the lighting spread can be tricky.

Kitchen dowlight installation Melbourne
Kitchen downlight installation Melbourne

Using Minimal Kitchen Lighting

The lighting demands for different areas of a kitchen will differ. For instance, the island bar area can be illuminated by down-lights or pendant lighting fixtures that hang directly above your bench-tops and focus most of the light on the counter top.

This lighting solution is especially great for night time and can benefit throughout the household with a great focal point foe all to enjoy, when only a small region must be illuminated. It is additionally a good move to install dimmable ceiling lighting fixtures for a similar reason and benefit and also as a general light when you don’t need the hole kitchen lit-up .

Illuminating The Entire Household

During the busiest household hours, this region could feel well illuminated from a show of lights directly setup into the ceiling and seem to be hidden from view. This kind of design prevents any obstructions from busy working areas of the kitchen.
Pendent lighting

Pendent lighting

Remember that long pendant lighting fixtures needs to be utilized just above counter tops like kitchen islands and pubs. It would likely also be convenient to install flood lights on the ceiling so that it can bee adjusted to focus on certain spots.


The selection of lighting fixtures inside the household needs to be based on the time of day or evening whenever the lights are used.

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