Switchboard installation height – When you upgrade your switchboard what are the mounting height requirements

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Switchboard installation height – When you upgrade your switchboard what are the height requirements.

Main Switchboard Installation

Your main switchboard is a very important piece of electrical equipment controlling your electrical wiring in your home and business. If your switchboard has been installed within the last 10 years then the chances are that you will have circuit breakers to protect your electrical cables. There would also be a possibility that your switchboard will most likely have a safety switch installed.

If your main switchboard is more than 15 years old then there is a chance of porcelain fuses still being used and having no safety switch could be a strong possibility. There are many benefits with owning a new switchboard for domestic homes and business, the most obvious are circuit breakers replacing porcelain fuses and the addition of a safety switch.

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Switchboard height
Switchboard height

Switchboard Installation Height

When you see new electrical switchboards mounted on a wall you will notice that they all have one thing in common and that is the height of the switchboards. So how does an electrician determine what height a switchboard is installed and mounted in a new location.

Well I can tell you, its not were the electrician thinks it suits them for convenience. When an electrician installs your electrical switchboard there are many rules and regulations that the electrician will need to comply by. So the installation height of your switchboard is determined by the height of your main switch inside the electrical switchboard.

The main switch should be the first switch on the left hand side it won’t matter if its a two phase main switch, three phase or single phase main switch. It should be clearly labeled as Main Switch light and power. The main switch will look similar to circuit breaker except its sole purpose is to control your light and power. If you were to switch your main switch off then it will disconnect all the electricity to your house or business.

Switchboard mounting height

So it makes sense that the height of your main switch is accessible without having to find a step ladder or chair to reach it. The last thing you would want to do is look for a ladder in an electrical emergency when you need to switch off your main switch.

That’s why your main switch shall not be more than 2 meters above a ground, floor or platform as quoted from AS/NZS 3000.2000 Clause (a). So next time you are renovating or rewiring your home and you need to relocate your main switchboard you will understand why your electrical switchboard installation has a specific installation height.