Window Exhaust Fan Installation

Window Exhaust Fan Installation

There are many reasons why installing extractor fans in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets are important. These may include removing cooking orders in kitchens and toilets or removing the unwanted warm steam in the bathrooms that allowing mold build up that cause allergies.  But at times installing an exhaust fan may not be simple as it may seem.

If your looking at installing a fan in your bathroom then bathroom size and location may be an issue. Apartment living has become popular with close access to major locations and transport. Older apartments built before the 80s are not common with bathroom exhaust fans and rely on vents to remove any air.

Window exhaust fan installation glass cut and frame installation
Window exhaust fan installation glass cut and frame installation

Small apartment bathrooms have a lack of external wall space and have ether flat roofing or apartments above and below making ceiling space non existent.

Window installation

Window exhaust fans become an attractive solution to exhaust the air out of the bathroom. Window fans need two trades to install the fan, first a glazier to cut the hole and electrician to fit and install power to the fan. You can see from the images that United Electrical Services can organize the window cutting for the hole and installation of the fan to save you time and money.

Complete window fan installation Finnish
Complete window fan installation Finnish

There are a number of ways to power the fan and this will be determined by the access of your property. Older apartments have solid concrete internal walls so external ducting may be an option. If your renovating your bathroom than this may be a good opportunity to thick about a bathroom fan project. Switch on you fan can be done many ways, fans can be switch on with you lighting or separately switch from the lights

Exhaust fan price

The price of window fans start from $60.00 up to $480.00 and you do get what you pay for when it comes to window fans. The cheaper fans will vibrate and tend to be nosier, there are a lack of options including draft stoppers and pull cord switching and finally the installation it self.

The following window fan installation shows a Auto louver operation so when the switch is turned on the fan will start and the back draft louver will slowly open and then close when not in use. Cheaper units will not exhaust the air properly and this will cost you more money when you have to replace the fan and repaint your sealing after you treat the retuning mold. This is not a situation you want to go though twice.

Cheaper window fans will need two people to install them and the more expensive units are a one person install. You will also find that guarantees and warranties are more generous with the expensive fans.

It’s important to size the window / wall fan correctly for them to work this includes measuring the hight, length and width of the room to determine the air charge needed and there are other factors that will need to be taken into consideration.  If you don’t know what fan size will suit your bathroom and need a on-site advice for installation technique you can contact for fixed price installation here

8361 6889.


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Author: Stephen Skec

Licensed Electrician in Melbourne, Registered Electrical Contractor. Currently servicing Melbourne and surrounding suburbs I've been working actively in the electrical industry for 30 years and registered with Energy Safe Victoria.

10 thoughts on “Window Exhaust Fan Installation”

  1. Hi Steve

    thanks for the article, we live in a 2 bed apartment 4th story high and have a window fan installed which needs replacing could we use the same hole in the glass. Saving us from replacing the window.

  2. Hi Stephen

    thank you for your informative post…. Can these fan be used for our laundry, we are using our clothes dryer and the wall are wet when we use it. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Hi Jody
      This is due to the condensation build-up in the room. If the room are is cooler than the warm clothes dryer and there is no air circulation in the room you will have a damp problem. This exhaust fan will solve this problem. There are wall installation units available if you don’t want to install the fan in your window. .

  3. Hi
    We live in South Yarra .. two bedroom unit and the mold in our bathroom keeps getting worse. The walls are solid brick and dripping wet in the mornings. After viewing the youtube presentation we are hoping you can help with out problem. Will this type of fan solve our problem.

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