Outdoor light installation Carlton under your verandah

Outdoor light Installation Carlton – Under Your Verandah

Outdoor lighting is always an asset to any home especially to your front entrance. There is a warm welcome for your guests and lights up your outdoor area for all to see. Your outdoor light can reflect the period of your house and style. The outside light that you choose to install can also reflect your individual personality and show it off to everyone.

Out door verandah light installation
Out door verandah light installation

This is why I wanted to show you this outdoor light that has been installed under the veranda. It is a period home in Carlton Melbourne. Many original homes in Carlton have a very distinct style and character. This also extends to a well- designed garden, so when choosing an exterior light that will be on display for all to see an outdoor-light can complement your home.

This particular light that has been installed today sits outside the front door of the house. Being a pendent light it hangs down from the ceiling just enough so that it can be seen from the main path and street. A pendent light is a perfect lighting solution in this situation as it not only can be viewed from inside the house but from the main walk way in front of the home creating a talking point for people who pass by.

Out door verandah light installation Carlton
Out door verandah light installation Carlton

The image taken shows how this light is a stand-alone piece of furniture the pendent light gives a grand feeling to the home and not tucked away in a corner where no one can see.

One tip to remember when purchasing your outdoor light is that it needs to comply with regulations covering weather issues. Outdoor lights are constructed in a way to prevent water entering the light fitting and are safest to use outside. For more information about lighting installations or if you would like an electrician to install your light –

please visit United Electrical Services for all your lighting solutions.

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